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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Summertime Saga v0.20.9 MOD APK (Cheats Money)

The current trend of the gaming market today is the action game, shooting, giving players the thrill of the mortal combat screen. But somewhere today, many other genres are very attractive to players. Typical of them is the dating game genre, and this is the type that many people who have not found the love of their life come to entertainment. Games of this genre often give players the feeling of love right on their tiny phone. Making players feel very excited, especially the boys, are very interested in these games.

One of the popular dating games, Summertime Saga, is produced by Kompas. This game is the first game produced by them, and up to now, this is still their only game. This game is what makes the name of this manufacturer famous for players around the world. The game will give players a lot but great features, poor with a variety of storylines of many different girls for players to explore. Players will experience the extremely wonderful and stimulating feeling when coming to this game. Trust me, and this game will not make you feel disappointed.

The story takes place on the outskirts of a big city, the protagonist just got into university, and he is about to go to the city to go to school. Unfortunately, his father had just died, and he had trouble with this. He needs to have money to be able to continue his studies, but it is important where he is going now, he doesn’t have any relatives at all. But fortunately, he was adopted by a close friend of his father, a woman named Debbie and her son Jenny. He discovered that his father was in debt with the mysterious organization; they came to him and talked to him. So what will happen to our main characters? Let’s look forward to this game offline.

The gameplay of the game is very simple, because the game is in the dating genre, so the player will mainly focus on the lines of the character more than other things. Everything in the storyline will happen throughout the gameplay. Players come to this game to explore the story of the game to know what will happen to our main characters. During the game, the player will have to fulfill all the requirements of the game to continue the game. There will be reminders if the player refuses to follow the game’s request. If the player does not comply with the requirements of the game, the player will not be able to continue his work. There will be some main goals when players participate in this game, which is to make money to go to school and make money to pay back the debt to their eyes-father. The second goal of the player is to earn a companion for the school’s annual prom. Players will have to look for extra jobs for the summer so they can have money to buy things in the store for many different purposes.

Index Upgrades
The only thing preventing players from coming to those girls is the character’s charm. So players will need to do a lot of things to improve the character’s situation. Players will go to the Gym to be able to get a better body, study hard to get higher intelligence. When the character’s stat has increased, the player will easily win over the hearts of many other girls.

Many Girls:
During this game, there were many girls for the player to choose from. Each girl will have a different personality and will need to use many different ways to be able to win her heart easily.
Jenny: This is a girl in a house with you and always wearing underwear when at home. She always sees the character as a loser and is always annoyed with everything the player does. But suddenly, she was strangely interested in the player when the character showed his ability in front of the lens.
Bissette: A French tutor and the protagonist who decided to join her class to learn about her.

Summertime Saga has 2D graphics, and everything in the game is designed as comic pages with lines for players to read. Players will feel like exploring a world of story pages, extremely interesting.
Summertime Saga will give players a lot of great experiences for players to relax and entertain.

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